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The Block from Home

Explore highlights from The Block Museum of Art from home or from the digital classroom.


Video Highlights

Take a break from streaming services and check out some video collections featuring full-length programs and unforgettable moments The Block.

Performed in the Present Tense

This series of videos presents extraordinary performances inspired by the 2016 exhibition A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the Avant-Garde, 1960s-1980s.


Art + Engineering Interviews

The Block and the McCormick School of Engineering share an ongoing partnership welcoming artists whose work lies at the intersection of artistic and engineering disciplines.


Opening Day Conversations

A collection of opening day conversations that kicked off some of The Block's most compelling exhibitions.


Artist Talks

The Block brings artists from around the globe to share their research and practice.


Interdisciplinary Dialogues

The Block convenes conversations across disciplines that take visual culture as the starting point to understand our world.  


Visual Vanguard

The Block’s “Visual Vanguard” series presented conversations with innovative arts leaders working internationally who are transforming the way we experience and think about art today.


Best of The Block

Only have time for the highlights?  Catch up on our work with these short exhibition trailers.


Caravans of Gold

Journey to a medieval world with Africa at its center with this series of videos related to our groundbreaking 2019 exhibition Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time.



Audio Highlights

Dive into The Block's programs on our SoundCloud with recordings of lectures, conversation, and post-screening discussions.

Block Cinema

Post-screening discussions with a filmmaker or scholar, are a staple of our Block Cinema program. Listen in to some of the best of these dialogues in this playlist,


Love and Then Some

 It was a time of love…and then some. In conjunction with the 2017 exhibition, William Blake and the Age of Aquarius scholars from a range of disciplines came together to focus on the complex 1960's.


Art, Publics, Politics: Legacies of the Wall of Respect

Scholars and artists tackled the complex history of Chicago’s public art in this two-day symposium held in April 2017.


Lucid Figurations: Iranian Movie Poster & Film Art

In 2016, renowned international scholars and artists convened at The Block to discuss the art of movie poster design, the art and industry of film, and the unique culture of cinephilia in Iran.


Block Museum Campus Art Walk

Take an audio tour of the sixteen sculptures that constitute The Block's Campus Art Walk.


Black Arts Initiative: Ritual and Revolution

The 2017 BAI conference “Temporalities and Territories” presented a panel of scholars considering Carrie Mae Weems’s Ritual and Revolution.


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Good Reads

We are happy to offer free essays and publications offering deeper insight into The Block's projects and programs.

Collection Spotlight Series

This blog series invites a closer look at objects in The Block permanent collection from students, staff, faculty, and museum audiences 

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Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory

Download the digital companion publication to our 2017 exhibition Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory.

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Present Tense Pamphlets

During The Block's 2016 symposium “Performed in the Present Tense” artists Mashinka Firunts and Danny Snelson, shared a call for artist performance scores- the resulting publication includes 31 titles. 

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Caravans of Gold - Book Introduction

Read the introductory chapter of the award-winning exhibition publication Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time (2019, Princeton University Press), written by curator Kathleen Bickford Berzock.

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From The Studio to the Classroom: Ed Paschke

In conjunction with 2018's  Break a Rule: Ed Paschke’s Art and Teaching, Jason Nargis, Special Collections Librarian, Northwestern University Libraries offers a companion essay.

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Three to See: Quarantine Staff Picks

The Block Staff reflect on the current moment by offering selections from our collections and archives on social media. Check out the archive of these thoughtful picks here.

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