Press Coverage: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Press Coverage


‘The Other Kids’ attempts to reinvent teen drama as part of New Docs series

Crystal Wall, January 31, 2018, The Daily Northwestern

"A Lunatic of the Sacred": The Life and Work of Charlotte Moorman

Nicole Woods, January 2018, Art Journal: Book Review

Rare Mummy Portraits Offer Peek into the Past at Block Museum

Marc Vitali, January 24, 2018, Chicago Tonight

“Paint the Eyes Softer” features local mummy and student research

Andrea Michelson, January 18, 2018, The Daily Northwestern

Still Life

January 17, 2018, Clyfford Still Museum

Visit Chicago NorthShore: 16 Things to Do on a Cold or Snowy Day

January 11, 2018, Visit Chicago's North Shore

5 Things to Do: Jan. 12-14

Anna Carlson, January 8, 2018, Make it Better

Discovery Channel: Daily Planet

Discovery Channel, February 20, 2018, Discovery Channel: Daily Planet

Northwestern's Block Museum Hosts Jen Bervin as Winter Resident

Harriet Staff, February 19, 2018, Poetry Foundation

Modern tech unravels mysteries of Egyptian mummy portraits

Howard Wolinsky, February 19, 2018, Science News

Review: The Block's Paint the Eyes Softer exhibit

Kathryn Rothstein, February 13, 2018, North by Northwestern

Here’s a chance to see what people who became mummies looked like

Erin Blakemore, February 10, 2018, The Washington Post

Take a trip and trip out to ‘William Blake and the Age of Aquarius’

Jason Foumberg, February 8, 2018, Chicago Reader

Women embroider Black Lives Matter quilt as part of domestic violence awareness

Genevieve Bookwalter, February 5, 2018, Chicago Tribune

Composing Music for Mummies

Jourdan Kerl, February 1, 2018, Medill Reports Chicago

Evanston artist hosts quilt circle, commemorates BLM movement

Tejas Sekhar, February 1, 2018, The Daily Northwestern

Art Top 5: April 2018

Elliot Reichert, March 26, 2018, New City Art

Why choosing a name for an exhibition is anything but straightforward

James H. Miller, March 26, 2018, The Art Newspaper

7 cool exhibits, some a little quirky

Graham Meyer, March 9, 2018, Crain's Chicago Business

University-based art museums are raking it in

Lisa Bertagnoli, March 9, 2018, Crain's Chicago Business

Reconnecting art and science in the classroom

Julio Ottino and Adrian Randolph, April 18, 2018, The Hill

‘Unbranded’ exhibition examines race, gender through advertisements

Andrea Michelson, April 18, 2018, The Daily Northwestern

Unbranded: reflections in black on a century of white women

Janet Dees and Tamar Kharatishvili, April 18, 2018, THE SEEN

Ten Things to Do in Chicago This Week

April 12, 2018, Chicago Magazine

A Moveable Fest

Sherry Thomas, April 4, 2018, Daily North Shore

Images of Power

Laura Hine, April 1, 2018, North Shore Modern Luxury

Who's that mummy girl?

April 1, 2018, Northwestern Magazine

What is a Portrait Mummy? [VIDEO]

Marc Walton, May 2, 2018, Daily Planet

Q&A with Seth Woods and Spencer Topel: 'Iced Bodies'

Elizabeth Garrison, May 1, 2018, The Dartmouth


Justin Curto, May 30, 2018, North by Northwestern

60 exciting openings in Chicago in July

Zach Long, June 29, 2018, Time Out Chicago

Hank Willis Thomas

Abigail Winograd, June 2018, Artforum

Art + Engineering

Emily Ayshford, June 2018, Northwestern Engineering

$30,000 in cultural grants awarded to Evanston artists, programs

Genevieve Bookwalter, June 12, 2018, Chicago Tribune


Savannah Christensen, Nicole Fallert, and Hannah Lindley, June 6, 2018, Medill News

Ten things to do in Chicago this week

July 19, 2018, Chicago Magazine

Dario Robleto crafts art with empathetic expansion

Molly Glentzer, July 13, 2018, Houston Chronicle

Can't-Miss Fall Art Events

Elliot Reichert, August 30, 2018, New City

51 Things to Do in Chicago in September

Jason Foumberg, John Hardberger, Britt Julious, Graham Meyer, Catey Sullivan, and Lauren Warnecke, August 29, 2018, Chicago Magazine

Chicago Imagists star this fall

Graham Meyer, August 23, 2018, Crain's Chicago Business

Leo B creates new Art Design Chicago campaign

Carol Fox and Associates, August 22, 2018, Reel Chicago

Celebrating the diversity of Chicago’s cultural landscape

Louise Nicholson, August 2, 2018, Apollo Magazine

Neil Goodman Retrospective Gets Back to Basics

Michael Paglia, September 27, 2018, Westword

Crucial Viewing THE ARBORETUM CYCLE (New Experimental)

JBM, September 28, 2018, Cine-File Chicago

Catch This Trio of Bold Art Shows Electrifying the Fall Exhibition Circuit

Thomas Connors, September 14, 2018, Michigan Avenue Magazine

Chicago Guide

September 14, 2018, Chicago Magazine

10 museum exhibitions to look forward to this fall

Steve Johnson, September 5, 2018, Chicago Tribune

NPR Newscast

Carrie Shepard, October 21, 2018, WBEZ News

Installation View: Up is Down at the Block Museum

October 29, 2018, Sixty Inches From the Center

Northwestern’s Block Museum debuts new branding

Dan Patton, October 31, 2018, Reel Chicago

9 Amazing Chicago Art tours for fall 2018

Carole Kuhrt Brewer, October 18, 2018, Chicago Now

Plan a Perfect Fall Day Around Chicago’s North Shore

October 12, 2018, Chicago's North Shore

‘Distant Constellation’ Documentary Opens November Boston and NY

October 11, 2018, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

Advertising trailblazers’ work featured in Block Museum exhibition

Victoria Lee, October 3, 2018, Daily Northwestern

Exhibition Preview - Caravans of Gold

Adam Philips, October 1, 2018, Voice Of America

The Goldsholls, Chicago Design Pioneers

Steven Heller, December 4, 2018, Print Magazine

Ep50. Reflections on 2018 and a sneak peek into 2019

December 29, 2018, Ufahamu Africa Podcast

The Buzz: Block these Dates

Sherry Thomas, December 1, 2018, Evanston Magazine

31 of the Best Things to Do in Chicago This January

Anna Carlson, December 27, 2018, Make it Better

51 Things to Do in Chicago in January

Jason Foumberg, December 20, 2018, Chicago Magazine

Exhibition Announcement: Caravans of Gold

December 1, 2018, Sotheby's Museum Network

On Exhibit

December 1, 2018, Sheridan Road

Dario Robleto Discusses “The Art of Scientific Storytelling” with PhD Students

Alexandria Jacobson, November 13, 2018, McCormick Engineering News

Design Top 5: November 2018

Vasia Rigou, November 1, 2018, Newcity Art

Exhibition Announcement: Caravans of Gold

November 10, 2018, Asian Campus Tribune

If you’re into experimental animation, Eyeworks is your festival

Kathleen Sachs, November 7, 2018, Chicago Reader