Exploring Ethics: Across Art, Humanities, and Science: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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Exploring Ethics: Across Art, Humanities, and Science

Dario Robleto's Small Crafts on Sisyphean Seas [detail], 2018
Dario Robleto, Small Crafts on Sisyphean Seas [detail], 2018
6 PM

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Date & Time:

Wed May 8, 2019
6 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Open to the public


For many artists, researchers, and scientists investigating life—whether working with human remains, studying organ donation, or re-engineering the genetic code—ethical considerations inevitably appear. Questions of consent and personal autonomy, control and access, social responsibility and human rights proliferate across areas of research that work with living subjects. How do professionals in these fields identify, draw inspiration from, and respond to ethical questions within their work? In this program bridging disciplinary divides, artist Dario Robleto; synthetic biologists Josh Leonard, Julius Lucks, and Danielle Tullman-Ercek; and medical anthropologist Megan Crowley-Matoka will share specific dilemmas they’ve encountered in their own work—and discuss commonalities and differences that could lead to new ways of addressing contemporary ethical concerns.

This event is part of the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science and The Block Museum of Art’s Artist-at-Large Program, and McCormick’s ongoing Art and Engineering Initiative.

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