2023 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation: Block Museum - Northwestern University
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2023 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation

A colorfully animated fleshy figure in motion. The poster reads EYEWORKS 2023
12:30 PM-5:00 PM

Event Details

Date & Time:

Sat November 18, 2023
12:30 PM-5:00 PM


The Block Museum of Art
40 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


Open to the public


2023 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation

Presented by Pioneer Works at the Block Museum of Art

Please note:  Programs are open to all and will be seated on a first-come first-served basis. RSVPs do not guarantee a seat; early arrival is recommended. 

Museum doors open at 12:00 PM, and seating will begin shortly after for the first program. The second program will begin seating around 2:30 PM. 

About Eyeworks:

Eyeworks returns for a seventh year of screenings at the Block. Two programs of short films will show on Saturday November 18. This year’s program is the 12th edition of the festival, and features several world premieres and Chicago premieres.

The Eyeworks Festival is an annual screening series focusing on experimental animation. Founded in 2010, Eyeworks is dedicated to exhibiting distinctive, personal, visionary experimental films that use the technique of animation. The festival’s programs showcase outstanding experimental animation of all sorts and include classic films and contemporary works.

Eyeworks concentrates on works made by individual artists, drawing on the tradition of classic cartoon animation, and the lineages of avant-garde and underground cinema. The aim of Eyeworks is to present works that engage the enormous potential inherent in the artform of animation, and to show pieces that use animation as part of distinctly personal, conceptual, exploratory, and critical practices. David OReilly, Lori Damiano, Nancy Andrews, Caleb Wood, Takeshi Murata, Martin Arnold, Jacolby Satterwhite, Naoyuki Tsuji, Janie Geiser, Laura Harrison, and Barry Doupé have been featured as festival guests, with retrospective screenings. The 2023 festival program will be presented in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Al Jarnow will present a program of his iconic films, including short pieces done for Sesame Street and 3-2-1 Contact, at REDCAT on Oct. 27 to kick off the 2023 festival screenings.

The Eyeworks Festival is organized by Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré and is based in Los Angeles.

 The Block thanks Cartuna for support of its presentation of Eyeworks.

This year’s festival presents two programs of short films on Saturday, November 18 at 12:30 and 3 PM.



Program 1, 12:30 PM

77 mins total runtime

No. 11, Mirror Animations, Harry Smith (3’30”/1956/16mm)

Concrete Shape, Jesi Jordan (5’02”/2023/Digital)

 Boiler Room Mystics, Stefan Gruber (22’/2023/Digital)

Help Desk, Edwin Rostron (3’10”/2023/Digital)

The Wizard of Speed and Time, Mike Jittlov (3’/1979/16mm)

Raise an Animation, Jiaxin Lydia Wang (6’30”/2023/Digital)

Impasse, Caroline and Frank Mouris (10’/1978 /16mm)

The Rubbings of Trajectories, Cheng-Hsu Chung (3’58”/2022/Digital)

The Story of Srebrenica, Lynn Ochberg (23’/1996/Digital)



Program 2, 3:00 PM

76 mins total runtime


The Critic, Ernest Pintoff and Mel Brooks (3’25”/1963/Digital)

Prototypical Oppression/Obsession, Lauren Kelley (4’40”/2009/Digital)

Tower, Arius Ziaee (7’47”/2023/Digital)

Shit Mom Animation, Tala Madani (7’54”/2021/Digital)

Moving or Being Moved, Sabine Gruffat (10’54”/2021/Digital)

 Arrest in Flight, Adrian Flury (7’39”/2021/Digital)

 I Would've Been Happy, Jordan Wong (8’52”/2023/Digital)

Vacation, James Mercer and Yifan Jiang (25’/2022/Digital)

In-person: festival curators Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré



Eyeworks festival artwork by Lale Westvind


Please note: Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation is recommended for mature viewers.

Programs are open to all, on a first-come first-served basis. RSVPs not required, but appreciated.

Image credit: 2023 festival artwork by Lale Westvind



Contact The Block Museum of Art for more information: (847) 491-4000 or email us at block-museum@northwestern.edu