Graduate Research Fellowships

The Block Museum offers a graduate research fellowship and an undergraduate curatorial fellowship each academic year. Fellowships include compensation and/or course credit. Graduate Assistantships provide opportunities to work with curators, faculty, scholars, artists, and the museum’s director on exhibitions and publications. Graduate Research Assistants support exhibition development, including research, developing checklists, writing, and catalog production. Graduate Assistants are encouraged to attend internal departmental and staff meetings, as well as museum events when possible.

Applicants must be Northwestern University Art History graduate students. The position requires strong research and writing skills and a desire to think creatively in a collaborative work environment. Block Fellows must be comfortable communicating effectively with diverse constituencies about the museum’s exhibitions, collection, and programs.  Attention to detail and computer literacy are essential.

The nine-month position begins with the academic year in September and ends in June. Graduate Research Assistants are expected to work approximate 15 hours per week except during holidays, midterms and finals. The Fellowship includes a stipend and tuition waiver equal to a teaching assistantship. 

For general information, please contact Corinne Granof at


Call for Applications:  Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship 2018-19


The Block Museum’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship offers opportunities for Northwestern University doctoral students from various academic programs and disciplines who are interested in exploring museum professions. There are many exciting opportunities in museums for PhDs, and museums benefit from working with professionals with diverse degrees, including history, performance studies, indigenous studies, African American Studies, and other fields. The fellowship will provide hands-on experience within the context of a dynamic university museum and is geared toward students beyond art history whose work engages with visual culture and history, museum practice, and the questions of shaping and exhibiting knowledge. Graduate fellows will gain practical and professional experience by contributing to the development of museum initiatives; projects may include work on exhibitions, engagement, collections, community relations, publications, and/or programs.

The Block actively seeks an opportunity to match a graduate student’s interests and fields of study to specific upcoming projects. Students will work within a specific department in the museum, including curatorial, engagement, administration, exhibitions and collections, and development, and will have opportunities to intersect with other departments and staff members. Skills that may be developed include developing project management, writing for diverse audiences, public relations, budgeting, grant writing and donor relations, and visual communication. The Graduate Fellow will bring a diverse and global perspective and the ability and desire to work beyond the student’s area of specialization to support the museum’s inclusive artistic program. The Program shares the Block’s collaborative ethos and commitment to diverse perspectives.

The Block Fellow will have an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to an ongoing or upcoming project, and is invited to participate fully in the museum’s activities, including departmental and staff meetings and programs organized by the Block when possible. The Museum is committed to ensuring that the work of Graduate Fellows contributes to their professional development and career advancement.


Applicants should be Northwestern University non-Art History graduate students in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year. The duration of the fellowship is one year, beginning in September 2018 and ending in August 2019 (summer is optional). Block Fellows are expected to work approximately 10–12 hours per week, except during holidays. The Fellowship includes tuition waiver and a Graduate School stipend. A Graduate Fellow in years 4–5 of graduate study during the term of the Fellowship may be able to receive up to 3 additional quarters of University funding in the student’s 6th year. Please direct questions about funding to The Graduate School,


Please send by e-mail the following materials in a single PDF file:

1. A cover letter that describes your interest in the Fellowship, relevant experience, areas of research, and career goals

2. A current CV (two pages max.)

Deadline: April 16, 2018

Submit application materials to:

Corinne Granof

Curator of Academic Programs