The Block offers a variety of stimulating exhibitions that explore historical and contemporary themes in art and culture. Drawing from its collections and works from other institutions and private collectors, the Museum curates its own exhibitions—often in collaboration with Northwestern University faculty—and hosts traveling exhibitions from peer institutions. 

Tseng Kwong Chi: East Meets West

Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera

Main Gallery | 9/17/2016 - 12/11/2016
Born in Hong Kong and later based in New York City, Tseng Kwong Chi (1950–1990) produced a large body of witty, playful, performance-based photography that both captured the pivotal downtown Manhattan art and club scenes of the 1980s and reflected the increasingly globalized movement of people across nations and continents. In so doing, he raised critical questions about identity and culture. Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera is the first major solo museum exhibition of his works, which have long sparked the imaginations of younger artists.
Keep the Shadow

Keep the Shadow, Ere the Substance Fade: Mourning during the AIDS Crisis

Katz Gallery | 9/17/2016-12/11/2016
By juxtaposing objects and artworks related to mourning from the Victorian Era and during the AIDS crisis, Keep the Shadow examines two analogous cultures of bereavement.
Iranian Movie Posters

Salaam Cinema! 50 Years of Iranian Movie Posters

Alsdorf Gallery | 9/17/2016 - 12/11/16

The posters in this exhibition are selected from Hamid Naficy’s Iranian Movie Poster Collection, recently acquired by the Northwestern University Archives. Dating from the 1960s to 2010, the posters in the collection document the social history of film in Iran and offer a unique visual representation of over a half a century of dramatic political turmoil and change.