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December 2–December 18, 2002
2002 AIDS Day

September 27–December 8, 2002
The Last Expression: Art and Auschwitz

June 11–June 23, 2002
Ethnography and Desire: Video Installations by Daniel Peltz

May 24–June 23, 2002
Kali: The Goddess of the Millennium

April 19–June 23, 2002
Fazal Sheikh: The Victor Weeps • A Camel for the Son • Ramadan Moon • Simpatia

April 19–May 26, 2002
In the Alchemist's Kitchen

April 5–May 5, 2002
MFA Thesis Exhibition from the Department of Art Theory and Practice

March 15 –March 24, 2002
9/11: Visions, Sounds and Words, Evanston Township High School Students

February 1–March 31, 2002
Adja Yunkers: To Invent a Garden

February 1–March 31, 2002
Jacob Lawrence: Prints from the Series The Life of Toussaint L'Ouverture

January 1–March 17, 2002
Portal (2nd showing)

January 11–February 24, 2002 LoCurto/Outcault

NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom

November 9, 2001–January 13, 2002
Hiratsuka Un'ichi: Color Woodblock Prints

September 29–December 9, 2001
Pastime: An Installation by Molly Davies

September 29–October 28, 2001
Vera Klement: Drawings

September 22–December 9, 2001
Prints by Sculptors: The Rudolph H. And Fannia Weingartner Collection at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art

September 21–October 28, 2001
College Proofs: The Riverhouse Editions Collection at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art

May 27 –June 17, 2001
Pond II

May 18–July 8, 2001
Artists/Alumni: Recent Graduates of the MFA Program of the Department of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University

May 8–June 17, 2001
On European Ground: The Photographs of Alan Cohen

March 17–April 29, 2001
David Smith: Two into Three Dimensions

March 13–April 22, 2001
More Chicago

March 13–April 22, 2001
Chicago's South Side 1946–1948: The Wayne Miller Photographs

January 12–February 18, 2001
Imaging and Imagining Space: A Collaboration Between Art and Science

January 2–March 4, 2001
Manuscript Illumination in the Modern Age

November 6–December 10, 2000
Christo and Jeanne–Claude: Work from 1965 to 1998 from a Chicago Private Collection

October–December 10, 2000
Prints from Printworks

September 23–December 10, 2000
Seems: Integrations with the Physical and Social Periphery of the Museum

September 23–December10, 2000
Scratch Studies: New Work by Shawn Decker

September 23–October 15, 2000
Self–Portraits of Lovis Corinth

September 23–October 29, 2000
Theo Leffmann: Weaving a Life into Art

September 23–December 10, 2000
Drawing is Another Kind of Language: Recent American Drawings from a New York Private Collection

September 23–December 10, 2002


October 2–December 2, 1998
Rapture: At the Interface Between Love and Disease

May 21–August 9, 1998
The Living Tradition in Africa and the Americas: The Photographs of Melville J. and Frances S. Herskovits

January 8–March 1, 1998
Narrative and Abstraction in 20th Century Photography: Works by W. Eugene Smith and Alan Cohen from the Block Museum Collection

September 19–December 7, 1997
Henry Simon, 1901–1995

April 17–June 22, 1997
William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture

April 17–June 22, 1997
Frankisek Drtikol: A Retrospective

January 17–March 9, 1997
Rudolf Koppitz: Viennese "Master of the Camera"

September 27–December 8, 1996
Second Sight: Printmaking in Chicago, 1935–1995

July 12–August 10, 1996
Bert Van Bork: Prints and Watercolors

April 19–June 16, 1996
Emigrants and Exiles: A Lost Generation of Austrian Artists in America, 1920–1950

January 12–March 3, 1996
Unpainted to the Last: Moby Dick and Twentieth Century American Art, 1930–1990

September 22–December 3, 1995
Printmaking in America: Collaborative Prints and Presses, 1960–1990

May 21–June 18, 1995
The Many Faces of Wenceslaus Hollar: Seventeenth Century Prints from the Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

January 13–March 5, 1995
Dabloids and Elephants: Leonid Tishkov Creatures


September 22–December 4, 1994
Displacements: South African Works on Paper, 1984–1994

May 12–June 19, 1994
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Depression–Era Prints from the Collection of the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art

January 14–March 30, 1994
Stark Impressions, Graphic Production in Germany, 1918–1933

September 24–December 5, 1993
Fluxus: A Conceptual Country

May 7–June 27, 1993
Graven Images: The Rise of Professional Printmakers in Antwerp and Haarlem, 1540–1640

April 25–May 4, 1993
Sculpture and Drawings by Carol Kreeger Davidson, 1983–1993

May 15–May 16, 1993
From the Border

March 13–April 18, 1993
Constantin Brancusi: The Photographs

January 14–March 4, 1993
Special Collections: The Photographic Order from Pop to Now

September 24–December 4, 1992
The American Print: Originality and Experimentation, 1790–1890

July 10–August 15, 1992
Pacific Parallels: Artists and the Landscape in New Zealand, 1840–1990

May 1–June 27, 1992
My Own Futurism: The Drawings of Fortunato Depero

January 18–April 5, 1992
Thinking Modern: Painting in Chicago 1910–1940

November 7–December 15, 1991
Modernist Abstraction in American Prints

September 5–October 20, 1991
Line of Light and Shadow: The Drawings of Federico Garcia Lorca

July 11–August 17, 1991
The Drawings of Pietro Lazzari

April 5–June 22, 1991
The Modernist Tradition in American Watercolors, 1911–1939

January 11–March 10, 1991
Jakob Ignaz hittorff, 1762 – 1867: German of Paris

September 25–November 19, 1990
Secessionism and Austrian Graphic Art 1900 – 1920: From the Collection of the Neue Galleria der Stadt Linz

July 19–August 26, 1990
Art at the Big Ten: Paintings and Drawings

May 10–June 24, 1990
A Different War: Vietnam in Art

March 8–May 12, 1990
Heritage of the Brush: Roy and Marilyn Papp Collection of Chinese Painting

January 11–February 22, 1990
Northwestern Collects: 1985–1989


September 21–November 22, 1989
Wild Spirits and Strong Medicine: African Art and Nature

July 6–August 20, 1989
American Screenprints
The Depths of Superficiality: Andy Warhol's Screenprints

April 6–June 18, 1989
Abstract Options

January 12–March 5, 1989
Supreme Instants: The Photography of Edward Weston

October 27–December 18, 1988
Brucke: German Expressionist Prints from the Granvil and Marcia Specks Collection

September 8–October 16, 1988
ArtIsrael 1988

July 7–August 21, 1988
David Giese: The Rise and Fall of Taste
Jiri Anderle: A Selection from the Werksman Collection 

April 7–June 5, 1988
Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America

January 14–March 30, 1988
Landscape Drawings from Five Centuries, 1400–1900: From the Robert Lehman Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 2–December 13, 1987
A Collection Rediscovered: European Paintings from the Tweed Museum of Art

June 19–August 9, 1987
The Photographs of Josef Albers: A Selection from the Collection of the Josef Albers Foundation
German Photography of the 20s and 30s from Chicago Collections

March 19–May 31, 1987
Indian Miniatures from the Ehrenfeld Collection

January 16–March 1, 1987
Architects' Drawings from the Collection of Barbara Pine

October 24–December 14, 1986
American Realism: 20th Century Drawings and Watercolors

August 29–October 12, 1986
Exploration of a Medium: The Polaroid Collection

June 12–August 10, 1986
Italian Renaissance Maiolica from the William A. Clark Collection

April 18–June 1, 1986
British Watercolors: Drawings of the 18th and 19th Centuries from the Yale Center for British Art

January 24–March 30, 1986
Painting at Northwestern: Conger, Paschke, Valerio

November 1–December 22, 1985
Picture Taking: Weegee
Walker Evans, Sherrie Levine, Robert Mapplethorpe

July 5–October 6, 1985
American Abstract Expressionist Paintings from the Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation

May 16–July 7, 1985
The 39th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting

January 24–March 24, 1985
Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass


November 16–December 30, 1984
All Seasons and Every Light: Nineteenth Century American Paintings of the Hudson River School
Lay of the Land: 20th Century Landscape Photographs from the Hallmark Photographic Collection

September 28–October 28, 1984
Old Master Drawings from the Feitelson Collection
Master Drawings from the Collection of Northwestern University

August 3–September 19, 1984
Fifty Years of Babar

May 18–July 15, 1984
La Vie Moderne: 19th Century French Painting from the Corcoran Museum

March 9–May 219, 1984
Frank Stella Prints: 1967–1982

December 9, 1983–February 19, 1984
Discoveries from Kurdish Looms

October 14–November 20, 1983
Irish Silver: From the Collection of the National Museum of Ireland

July 29–September 18, 1983
Forgotten Dimension: A Survey of Small Sculpture in California Now

March 23–July 3, 1983
The Sara Roby Foundation Collection

January 27–March 6, 1983
Collaborations: Artists and Architects

November 17, 1982–January 15, 1983
Chinese Ceramics from Chicago Collections

December 1, 1982 –January 3, 1983
Hans Hoffman: Colorist in Black and White

September 15–October 24, 1982
Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society

July 8–August 22, 1982
Images of Landscape

April 15, 1982–June 20, 1982
Musical Manuscripts

April 15–June 20, 1982
Circa 1800: The Beginnings of Modern Printmaking, 1775 – 1835

March 12–April 4, 1982

January 15–February 28, 1982
Recollections: Ten Women of Photography

December 8, 1981–January 3, 1982
Master Drawings Rediscovered

October 14–November 29, 1981
Exploring Society Photographically

September 1–October 4, 1981
Contemporary Graphics from the Northwestern University Collection: Recent Gifts
Designs of the N'debele 

July 15–August 16, 1981
Morning Star Quilts: Art of the Plains Indians

May 13–June 28, 1981
Generations in Clay: Pueblo Pottery of the American Southwest

March 19–May 21, 1981
Guy Pene du Bois: Artist about Town

January 16–February 22, 1981
Points of View: The Stereograph in America
Jacob Jordaens: Drawings and Prints

December 12, 1980–January 11, 1981
Illinois Partners: III

November 1–December 7, 1980
Turkish Treasures from the Collection of Edwin Binney III
The Travel Sketches of Louis I. Kahn

September 28–October 26, 1980

June 5–August 30, 1980
American Art in the Union League Club of Chicago: A Centennial Exhibition

May 2–June 1, 1980
Form and Figure: Contemporary Painting, Sculpture, and Drawing

April 3–April 27, 1980
Ansel Adams: Photographs of the Southwest

April 3–June 1, 1980
Alderman Boydell's Shakespeare Museum