Zach Meyer: MFA Thesis Exhibition 2012

Alsdorf Gallery

Zach Meyer, Draconian Romance (Don't You Want Me, Baby?), 2012

Draconian Romance (Don't You Want Me, Baby?), 2012

Rooted in the language of post-structural cinema, Zach Meyer produces an array of works charged with self-referential tropes. By revealing the logic of his videos, he aims to woo his viewer. His work also explores the paranormal and horror conventions. In an on-going series, he has followed Chicago-based ghost hunters in an attempt to document the community generated in seeking the unseen. In another work, Meyer uses one of the oldest tricks in the paranormal-horror genre, tying fishing wire to an array of objects and puppeteer-ing them off-screen. Currently, Meyer is producing a paranormal-romance film that locates love as the site of humor, desire and the horrifically delicate.

In addition to his studio practice, Meyer is a cinematographer and producer, working on various short and feature length films in Chicago and New York City.

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