Rachel Niffenegger: MFA Thesis Exhibition 2012

Alsdorf Gallery

Rachel Niffenegger, Keeper of Ghosts and Axes, 2012Keeper of Ghosts and Axes, 2012, mixed media.

Rachel Niffenegger transcribes the figure in transitional states: between being and ghost image; statuesque and formless; two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces. Her symbolic bodies are a congealing of an obsession for desensitized views of horror and imaginings of fantastical death scenes with actual instances of human debasement. They come from a physical and psychological place of unrest. She has been included in exhibitions at Bourouina Gallery and Club Midnight in Berlin, DE, Ceri Hand Gallery in Liverpool, England and in Chicago at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Western Exhibitions, Corbett vs. Dempsey, the Sullivan Galleries at SAIC, The Post Family, and the Hyde Park Art Center. She has been awarded a two-year residency to begin this fall at the De Ateliers in Amsterdam.

Niffenegger (b. 1985 in Evanston, IL) received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008 and is represented by Western Exhibitions in Chicago, IL.


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