Madsen Minax: MFA Thesis Exhibition 2012

Alsdorf Gallery

Still from (No) Show Girls: (JAKOB/VEA), 2011, HD video Still from (No) Show Girls: (JAKOB/VEA), 2011, HD video

Stills from (No) Show Girls: (JAKOB/VEA), 2011, HD VIDEO, INSTALLATION, 8:12.

Madsen Minax dissects the communities he belongs to by exploring the magical coalesces and pathetic disintegrations within, exploiting his personal relationships to do so. Madsen’s work lies primarily in social collaboration, although he secretly despises collaboration. Disguising these community-based efforts as videos, films, photographs, ‘zines, and performances, he is infatuated with notions of intimacy, parting, and resistance. In his latest project, Madsen examines a static present, a space of permanent and dystopic adolescence.

Madsen’s various projects have shown widely across the United States and abroad, including screenings and exhibitions in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, India, Finland, Portugal, The Czech Republic, England, Canada, Australia and Iceland. He has won awards from The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Chicago’s Reeling Film Festival, The Sacramento Film and Music Festival, Park City Music Film Festival, Seattle’s Translations Film Festival, Bloomington LGBT Film Festival, The Pac/Edge Performance Festival and TranScreen Amsterdam. Additionally Madsen was awarded the Experimental Sound Studio Artist In Residence 2009, was the Crossroads Fund Recipient 2008, and a Chicago Artists Assistant Program funding recipient 2007–2008.
He was recently awarded a $7,000 grant from Chicago Filmmakers and the Chicago Instructional Technology Foundation to support his film The Year I Broke My Voice. In addition he has been awarded a one-month residency in the fall at the Illinois State University's School of Art and a two-year fellowship at the prestigious Core Program, a post-graduate artist residency program run by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

His work has been highlighted in publications including Make/Shift Magazine: Feminisms in Motion, The Baltimore City Paper, The Bay Area Guardian, The Chicago Reader, The Huffington Post, and TimeOut New York and has been discussed by authors Judith Halberstam and Tavia Nyong'o. Madsen first feature film, Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance, completed in 2010, is set to air on the cable television channel Free Speech TV, in fall 2012. 

His new film, They Year I Broke My Voice, premieres at Block Cinema May 16 as part of Northwestern University’s MFA Thesis festivities. A solo screening of new film and video works will follow at the Nightingale Cinema in Chicago May 24.

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