Steina Vasulka: Orbital Obsessions

Ellen Philips Katz and Howard C. Katz Gallery

Orbital ObsessionsSteina Vasulka, Orbital Obsessions, 1975-77; revised 1988, 24:25 min, b&w, sound (video still). Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

After producing pioneering work with her husband Woody Vasulka in the 1970s, Steina Vasulka focused on the electronic interrelation and manipulation of sound and image. Orbital Obsessions includes excerpts from her groundbreaking videos Signifying Nothing (1975), Sound and Fury (1975), Switch! Monitor! Drift! (1976) and Snowed Tapes (1977), all made with an invented device called "Machine Vision." In these pieces, Steina focuses on time, space, and movement, and the means by which the mechanical can inform and engage with electronic media.