2/20/16 1PM

(Erich von Stroheim, 1925, US, 35mm, 140 min.)

The story of a couple whose relationship, ethics, and life slowly disintegrate, Greed is Erich von Stroheim’s masterful and obsessive adaptation of Frank Norris’ 1899 novel McTeague. The film epitomizes von Stroheim’s specific brand of realism: it was shot at the specific locations mentioned in the novel and the wardrobe exactingly replicates the style of dress that the director personally witnessed when first immigrating to America. Filming desert scenes in Death Valley created tension and desperation amongst the cast and crew—which is evident in the actors’ intense performances. Greed was originally conceived of as a nine-hour long “endurance film,” which MGM shortened for theatrical release. The missing seven hours of footage are often described as the “Holy Grail of Film.” The version screening is the original theatrical release cut.

Live Musical Accompaniment by David Drazin