seven times a day we bemoan our lot and at night we get up to avoid dreaming

Emerging Artists: Contemporary Experimental Films And Video Art From Germany

1/22/16 7PM FREE

(Various Artists, 2013-14, Germany, digital, approx. 83 min.)

This screening, the second edition of the “Emerging Artists” program, highlights several short experimental film and video works by young artists from Germany. These shorts play with the distinction between real and fictional spaces, cinematic tropes including the essay or portrait film, found footage practices, and conventional devices of narrative storytelling. Selected by a jury of leading curators, this program provides a window into some of the most pressing concerns facing artists working in moving image media today.

This program has been made possible through the generous support of the Goethe Institut. Additional support from Northwestern University’s Department of German and the Forum for Languages and Cultures.

Introduced by Northwestern Art History graduate student, Thomas Love.