The Chelsea Girls

2/13/16 12:30PM

(Andy Warhol, 1966, US, 16mm double projection, approx. 210 min.)

One of Andy Warhol’s most celebrated films, The Chelsea Girls is set in New York City’s famed Chelsea Hotel and features a host of Factory regulars and Warhol Superstars, including Velvet Underground collaborator Nico, actress Mary Woronov, and experimental filmmaker Marie Menken. The film comes roughly mid-point in Andy Warhol’s brief filmmaking career, and it functions both as a summation of the stylistic playfulness and formal investigations he’d been pursuing since 1963 and a mapping of the relatively more conventional (for Warhol) narrative focus his films would have through 1969.

Please note the 12:30pm start time.

Print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art