Art on Screen


Lost Bohemia

Friday, May 11, 2012 7:00 PM
(Joseph Astor, 2011, USA, Video, 73 min.)

Lost Bohemia is a moving portrait of an eclectic and vibrant group of artists and performers who live and work in beautiful rent-controlled studios above Carnegie Hall­, historic studios that have housed artists (including the likes of Isadora Duncan and Marlon Brando) for over a century. When the tenants, some who have been there for over 50 years, begin receiving eviction notices, they learn of a plan to demolish the historic interiors of the studios and turn them into generic office spaces. Josef “Birdman” Astor, a tenant, provides an intimate first-person account of the residents and their struggle to save their homes and their unique artistic community before it becomes another casualty of the prime real estate market in Manhattan.