Films by Date

Date Film Time
9/27/18 Rogers Park 7 PM
9/28/18 The Arboretum Cycle 7 PM
10/4/18 Compañero: Mexico: The Frozen Revolution and Raymundo 7 PM
10/5/18 Compañero: Los Traidores and Me matan si no trabajo y si trabajo me matan 7 PM
10/11/18 Minding the Gap 7 PM
10/12/18 Designers in Film: Films by the Goldsholls and Company 7 PM
10/17/18 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 7 PM
10/19/18 Designers in Context: Film, Advertising and Modernism 7 PM
10/20/18 Color and Line: Mid-Century Animation 1 PM
10/25/18 Baghdad in No Particular Order 7 PM
10/26/18 Light Play: Film and the Bauhaus 7 PM
11/2/18 Eve of the Future: Women and Film before 1960 7 PM
11/8/18 Rear Window 7 PM
11/9/18 Distant Constellation 7 PM
11/10/18 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation program 1 1 PM
11/10/18 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation program 2 3:30 PM
11/15/18 Testament 7 PM
11/16/18 Born in Flames 7 PM
11/28/18 The Feeling of Being Watched 7 PM
11/30/18 Call Her Ganda 7 PM
12/6/18 Night of the Comet 7 PM


2018 Spring Films are Free and Open to All!

Doors open thirty minutes prior to showtime. Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Films are screened in the Block Museum’s Pick-Laudati Auditorium. See Directions and Parking for information on how to get to the Museum. Parking is free in the lot south of the Block after 4 p.m. weekdays and all day on weekend