The Block Museum of Art is equidistant from both the Davis and Foster Street stations. The Davis Street station is equipped with an elevator for guests with mobility restrictions.

A map of the Northwestern University campus is available.

Davis Street Station: 

  • Take the CTA Purple Line to the Davis Street Station and exit through the east side of the station.
  • Turn left on Benson Ave. and proceed north ½ block to Church St. Turn right on Church and walk three blocks east to Chicago Ave.
  • Turn left onto Chicago.
  • Walk two blocks north to Sheridan Rd. Cross over toward the Northwestern Arch, turn right and walk two blocks east on Sheridan to Campus Dr.
  • Turn left on to Campus Dr. and proceed north to a display map of the campus.
  • Turn right at the campus map and proceed east.* You will pass the Marshall Dance Center and the Josephine Louis Theatre on your left. Take the short flight of steps between the two.
  • Just past the Louis Theatre, the path will turn north (to your left) up a hill. Proceed up a second short flight of stairs. The Museum is the glass, steel and limestone building located immediately past the Ethel M. Barber Theatre.

*Visitors who cannot take stairs will want to continue straight on Campus Dr. at the campus map, past John J. Louis Hall. Follow Campus Dr. north to a sidewalk alongside the Theatre and Interpretation Center (1949 Campus Dr.). Follow the sidewalk to the corner of the Theatre and Interpretation Center and turn right. You will see a wing of the Block Museum above you as you proceed down this path. Turn left when you reach a flight of stairs to access a ramp. Take the ramp up and make a right at the top to reach the Museum’s entrance. 

Foster Street Station: 

  • Take the CTA Purple Line to the Foster Street Station. Exit the station, turning right onto Foster St. and proceed east toward Sherman Ave.
  • Walk two blocks past Sherman and enter the Northwestern University campus at Sheridan Rd. You will pass the Kellogg School of Management’s Donald P. Jacobs Center on your left and Deering Meadow on your right.
  • Proceed toward Nathaniel Leverone Hall and pass through the building’s walkway. Continue straight on the path from Leverone Hall, with the south side of the Gothic-looking Deering Library on your right.
  • Just past Deering Library, turn right onto a ramp leading to the University Library Plaza. Turn left at the top of the ramp, proceeding east across the Plaza toward Norris University Center.
  • Take the steps down from the Plaza and turn right onto Campus Dr.
  • On your left you will see a path that leads to a flight of stairs. Take this path to the stairs; you will see a wing of the Block Museum above you as you walk down this path.
  • Proceed up the stairs and turn right to reach the Museum’s entrance.