The Block Muse

Symposium: Performed in the Present Tense (April 8-9, 2016)

Performed in the Present Tense

Opening Night
Friday, April 8, 7-9PM
The GYM at 640 Lincoln St. (Art Theory & Practice Building)
FREE and Open to the Public

Ira S. Murfin and Stephan Moore:  John Cage’s Indeterminacy and Fontana Mix
Elliot Mercer: Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A
Didier Morelli: Geoffrey Hendricks’ Erase Everything

Following the performance writer and curator Noémie Solomon will lead a dialogue about the cultural history and politics of (re)performance.

Performances & Presentations
Saturday, April 9, 10AM - 5PM
Block Museum
FREE and Open to the Public  

10:00 AM - Pulse Piece

10:15AM  - Kaleidescope: An Introduction
Susy Bielak and Amanda Jane Graham

10:30 AM - Roles, Scores, Spaces in the European Context of the 1960s and 1970s
Francesca Pola

11:00 AM - Trust Me: A Minor History of Performance Curation in America
Amanda Jane Graham

11:30 AM - Technologies of Pamphleteering: from Great Bear to Present Tense
Danny Snelson and Mashinka Firunts

12:00 PM - Lunch, Gallery Viewing & "Scoring the Avant-Garde" Student Performances

1:45 PM: Acting Out: Pointing in the Museum
Brendan Fernandes

2:15 PM: Embracing the Unpredictable, Accounting for the Outcome: Curating “Open Plan” Presentation Formats
Travis Chamberlain

2:45 PM: Beyond the Present Moment: The Multiple Temporalities in Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy
Jenny Schlenzka

3:15 PM: On Curating and Being Curated
Brendan Fernandes, Travis Chamberlin and Jenny Schlenzka 

4:00 PM: (Re)Performance of Simone Forti's Huddle 

4:15 PM: Closing Reception

The day will include intermittent student performances of original scores.