The Block Muse

Family Engagement Night with Y.O.U.

This past Thursday the Block Museum hosted the first ever Family Engagement Night with youth development agency Y.O.U. (Youth Organization Umbrella, Inc.). About 20 children from Nichols Middle School in Evanston visited the Block with their parents as a part of the school’s “Community Engagement” curriculum.

The evening began with a shared dinner and special welcome from the Block’s Engagement Manager, Cynthia Noble. Cynthia explained to the families that the museum is free and that the Evanston community is welcome to use the Block as a peaceful oasis and a place of learning. Cynthia also discussed different type of museum jobs to students who expressed interest.

The evening continued with interactive tours of both the upstairs and downstairs galleries led by three Northwestern student docents, Hannie Lee, Jessica Peng, and Hans Mueller-Schrader. The parents were extremely pleased and impressed with the student docents. Following the tour, the youngest visitors created an art project related to Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kashmir and Its Legacies.

 At the end of the Family Engagement Night many said they would return to the Block. One mother even said, “There is so much information here. I am going to come back without my kids next time, so I can take it all in.”

Family Engagement Night was an opportunity for the Block to positively engage with the community. This evening allowed us to create an environment where even our youngest visitors felt welcome to participate. We look forward to more events with Y.O.U. in the future!